Quality Control Services

Quality Control Services are services that include outsourcing the production / service or activities or a new project that you acquired, to have destructive or >>>

Fire Systems Certification Services

It is the control of Technical Files and project in compliance with regulations and standards in relation with Fire Protection Systems of buildings that are for >>>

Third Party Inspection Services

They are technical control, test, assessment and approval services conducted with the purpose of certifying the compliance of purchased / ordered product >>>

International Inspection Services

PGM attained the International Inspection Company Status with the Notification No 2003/14 on the date of 20.03.2003 published by Undersecretariat of Foreign >>>

Personnel Certification

PGM as a Personnel Certification Body accredited by TURKAK according to the standard TS EN 17024, is given personel certification services in below scope. >>>

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Pressurized Equipments Testing Services

PGM carries out services of which scope stated below under 97/23/EC AT Pressurized Equipments Regulation Scope. >>>

Regular Testing Services Under ISIG

In the enterprises, for secure use of Lifting and Conveyance Machineries and Pressurized vessels together with safety equipments pursuant to Labor Health >>>

System Certification Services

In controlling the compliance of all legal requirements in all activities of company and the impacts of his products or services on the environment and >>>

Design-Project Control Approval Services

Design-Project Control Approval Services, are control as to whether the engineering drawings and calculations of production or/and plant are within >>>

Product Certification Services